I would like you to know how extremely blessed I have been since that Above Rubies retreat in Clinton, IL. I came away from that weekend with a real trust in my Lord like I’ve never known before…
I have been privileged to read your materials, books and magazines for over five years, but getting to attend an Above Rubies retreat (the one at Ft. Scott, KS) was SO beneficial - way over and above anything I imagined. - Missouri
My life as a wife and mother will never be the same after the retreat in South Carolina last weekend. You specifically prayed for joy to fill my heart and God truly has honored your heartfelt prayer. I have not stopped smiling at my children and husband since I came home. - Georgia
I think we moms are right smack in the middle of His will if we stay at home with our children and train them to do His will. What a full time job and THEN SOME! I spend every minute of every day living ON PURPOSE! I truly feel fulfilled now. A few years ago I didn’t feel very fulfilled, just wiped out! I have learned though, through the Heavenly Father, that I am a woman of POWER – right here in my own home! What a privilege! Well, of course, attending all of those Above Rubies retreats certainly helped to keep me on the right track. What a terrific encouragement! Nancy, keep on washing the spiritual feet of weary mothers! - Florida
I’m glad I went to the retreat and brought back your teachings on how to do better as a mother. One of the ways that has changed me and my children is the teaching you gave on our home’s atmosphere – that it’s the atmosphere of the home that the children will remember and that it should be pleasant, easy-going and joyful. As a homeschool mom I’m now remembering that how we go through our day is more important than what we get done in our day. I’m beginning to see a more loving environment here. It feels good. And some days we get just as much done with a slower-paced, pleasant atmosphere as we did with the stressed, impatient atmosphere we had before. I even laugh and tease with my children now. Each time I laugh, I realize how good it feels and should do it more often. - Louisiana
I want to thank you again for the wonderful and inspiring retreat last weekend. Your message is so anointed and deep. I ‘m not sure anyone can “nail us to the wall” so sweetly as you do. - Florida
Colin is such a powerful speaker, the two of you make an awesome team. - Florida
Your messages were straight from the Bible and the truth resonated within my soul. Yet, they were practical as well and easily implemented.
The retreat launched me into pursuit of biblical femininity. You hit the launch button which shot me from whining about wasting my master’s degree to wanting nothing but a life of service to the Lord in the form of being a godly wife and mother and influencing generations for His kingdom. You got me out of whining and into winning.
The retreat was absolutely life changing. I have not stopped talking about it to my husband and he has noticed a big change in me. I am going to ’the well’ each morning and I am really limiting what I attend to in my mothering hours.

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