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Women's Daily Encouragement Blog

Strengthening Families Across the World through the encouragement of women in their high calling from God as wives, mothers and homemakers.

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BeautifulBabyTo hold you, softy sleeping

So warm against my breast,

Is rich reward that keeps me

Both satisfied and blessed.

So long I waited for you,

Yet nothing could be told

How deeply you are cherished,

How sweet you are to hold.

~ La Leche League News

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PowerofWordsKristin Eason, an Above Rubies reader sent in this poem: 
The heart reveals itself in words, the truth to all exposed,
Which kingdom you are living for to others is disclosed.
Words of love and unity or words of hate and death
Are spoken in the presence of the One who gave you breath.
Each idle word in secret will one day be revealed,
The words you spoke in darkness will no longer be concealed.
Words of accusation against another brother,
Will quench the Holy Spirit when you criticize another.
If we hope to be shown mercy, merciful we now must be
For words are seeds we’ll harvest when we reach eternity.
By words we will be justified or we will be condemned,
For they reveal the inward part, the hidden heart within.
If the heart is right with God, our words will surely show,
His love and tender mercies from the mouth will overflow.
So keep your heart with diligence, take heed and contemplate,
Take time to reconsider before it is too late.
Unruly is the tongue of man before the heart’s reborn,
Submit to God, repent and turn, your sin lament and mourn.
The language made in heaven no tongue alone can learn,
But is put there by the Spirit when the heart from sin will turn.
A death to self--the only way to speak this language new,
With God all things are possible, He does what man can’t do.
Open up your mouth to see the health within your soul,
For you will quickly find to Whom you’ve given up control.
Light and dark both cannot dwell; one stays and one must leave.
Be sure your sin will find you out for words do not deceive.

Kristin’s children are Emma (16), Rylan (13), Ellie (8), Nathan (4), Elizabeth (1).

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KeepStandingThe morals of this world are going downhill,

Against God’s Holy Word and His divine will,
No longer black and white, it’s now mushy gray,
God’s eternal absolutes many shun today.

Will you stand against this tide when others are crumbling?
Will you stand on God’s Word when many are stumbling?
Will you stand against sin and the devil’s deceptions?
Making no excuses or subtle exceptions?

Never be intimidated, never be fooled…
Or your fire be cooled!

When there’s no justice and only confusion,
And God’s people are hiding their light in seclusion,
Will you rise up and be counted, open wide your mouth,
And proclaim God’s truth to the north and the south?

Will you be strong in the Lord and the power of His might?
Always standing up for that which is right?
Rich in discernment, wisdom never ignored,
And walking daily in the fear of the Lord?

When you are tyrannized, never cower…
Or terrorized,
Before the enemy never bow!

Will you stand the test when you are wronged and hurt?
When you are persecuted and treated like dirt?
Will you have backbone when the pressure comes on?
Or be a spineless jellyfish with purpose all gone?

Will you keep on standing if you’re the only one?
Lifting up the name of Jesus, God’s only Son?
Will you stand true now, holding on to the end?
No matter what it costs, God’s truth to defend!

Never be wimpy or crumble at the knees…
And the devil never appease!

~ Nancy Campbell

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BeStrongLordThe above words go together. If we are untaught in the ways of God, we will be unstable. This is a challenge to us as mothers. Are we raising our children to be stable or unstable? To be strong and knowledgeable in the things of God or ignorant?

The answer depends on our motivation. Our children don’t become strong in God by hoping it will happen. We must be faithful to implant God’s word into their hearts and mouths—little by little, morning and evening. The great way to do this is to establish family Bible time in your home.

I know you hear me exhorting you about this so many times. Please don’t get tired of me. Did you know that a faithful teacher recaps, repeats, and reminds?

The above Scripture is found in 2 Peter 3:16 which reminds us that the untaught and unstable twist the Scriptures to their own destruction. Peter continues in verses 17, 18: “Ye therefore, beloved . . . beware lest ye also, being led away with the error of the wicked, fall from your own steadfastness. But grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.”

Isn’t that a great challenge? We can think we are solid and steadfast in the Lord, but unless we keep in the Word and seeking God, we can fall from our own stability! What about our children? Let’s get them to that place of stability in God’s truth. And let’s keep them there, day by day, and constantly feeding them with the anointing and living truth of the Scriptures.

Truly, I am constantly amazed at how little most young people know of the Scriptures, even those who are raised in homeschooling families. They don’t know the Word! Do their parents not read the Word to them morning and evening? Are they not encouraged to have their own daily time in God’s Word also? If they are unlearned and untaught, they will not be stable.

Let’s raise stable children who will stand fast no matter what deception or calamity comes against them.

Be blessed today,

Nancy Campbell

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