God speaks to us individually, but did you know that He also wants to speak to us as families? God is vitally interested in our individual lives, but He also sees us collectively as families. This is the way He planned for us to live, as families. Jeremiah 2:4 says, "Hear the word of the Lord, O house of Jacob, and all the FAMILIES of the house of Israel."

God wants not only you and your husband, but also your children to hear His words. This is why it is paramount to come together as families, evening and morning, and listen to God speak to us as a family as we read His Word.

We discuss together what He is saying to us a family. We learn together as a family. We press on in the ways of God together as a family. We pray together as a family. We do not leave our children behind.

As you hear God speaking to you as a family, you will be cemented strongly together as a family.

Love from Nancy

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