Infertility | Ten Year Wait For Baby

I was 17 years when I asked the Lord to send me a godly husband and I met him about four months later. Between a one year courtship and two year break-up we were married in 1998. My husband and I wanted to have at least 12 children. However, we decided we "just wanted to have fun first," and I went on birth control for two years. We figured we would be ready in a couple years.

Instead, it was another 10 years of waiting before our son was born. It was heartbreaking to find out every month that I was, again NOT PREGNANT. I cried to the Lord, "If I can't get pregnant, I no longer want to go on living." I felt His reply, "I need you to go through this, and it will be for My glory, but I will never leave you nor forsake you." I endured infertility for another six years after this.

In the meantime, still not content to let the Lord do his work, our marriage started struggling. It became a dry and barren land. But, God was working behind the scenes. We sold our house, and moved into a 35 foot trailer. We left one church and started attending another one where the pastor and wife were our age. My pastor's wife had also endured the struggle of wanting children, yet she continued to pray for a child, and one day God blessed them with a girl who brings joy to everyone around her.

This encouraged me to finally be brave enough to ask people to pray for God to "open my womb." But, there were still three more years of disappointed waiting.

Two years prior to finding out I was pregnant, the ladies of our church attended a Beth Moore conference. One of the ladies in the vehicle was pregnant with her sixth child and had them all at home. During the long eight hour drive I picked her brains about home births. We sat next to each other while at the conference, and this was not by choice or chance. When the speaker asked those in need of encouragement to please stand up during an invitation, both of us did.

It was then I saw Beth Moore coming towards me. My heart pretty much stopped as she asked, "The Holy Spirit has led me to pray for you. What can I pray for?" Immediately I poured out, "I have been trying for eight years to get pregnant and have not been able." She then asked what she could pray for my friend who replied, "I'm pregnant, and having a hard time." That's when I knew God had a sense of humor! We became friends and I even met with her midwife.

After the long wait, eventually I became pregnant and on January 27, 2011, Joshua Nathan Black was born. I gave birth to him at home, surrounded by my husband, pastor's wife, my friend who was now pregnant with her seventh child, and her midwife who is now my midwife.

Yerington, Nevada, USA
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Amazing news! God is blessed Stephanie with a new baby July 2014. How great is our God!

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