Lullaby of Love

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I lost a baby between my first and second children.  Although it was an early miscarriage, it was the hardest thing I have ever gone through.  I was so excited to be expecting another life, that when the pregnancy test showed positive, I went into my yard and literally did cartwheels of joy.

In the middle of the night I would wake up crying and tell my husband how much I missed my lost baby, our baby who I would never get to hold.

I wrote this song as a tribute to my baby in heaven and I didn’t plan on anyone hearing it besides my husband.

One week later I went to an Above Rubies retreat to sing and many ladies came up to me sympathetically and shared their story of losing a baby. I didn’t realize how prevalent miscarriages were, and ended up singing this song as a tribute to their babies as well.

When Pearl and I sing this song I can hardly get through it without crying, although God has healed this aching wound. Pearl has also had a miscarriage and sings this song for her baby.

When the pain was still fresh and deep, a lady came up to me with her arm around her teenage daughter and told me something that was very healing. She said, “This wonderful daughter of mine has been such a blessing to me and I can’t imagine not having her. I wouldn’t have had her had I not had a miscarriage previously, as she was conceived within the nine months I would have carried my other baby.

“Although I miss my baby and long to see him/her, I know my baby was made for heaven and is cradled in God’s love and will never know the pain or darkness of this world.  God gave me two babies instead of just one; one to love here on earth and one I am looking forward to meeting and we will worship our Lord together.”

Another word of encouragement I received was from my father-in-law who, when I sobbingly told him I lost a baby, said “No!  That is the one thing you haven’t done or never have to worry about.” When I thought about this for a while, the truth of that statement sunk in. Yes! My baby is found, and in our Creator’s presence. I will never have to wonder if he or she will be lost to the wiles of this world, but is in heaven where we are all going. We are just pilgrims here and our babies that have gone on are at our destination. What a hope.

If you have had a miscarriage too, maybe these words of encouragement will help you also. Above all, I pray our God of comfort will carry you and hold you in his arms until His peace washes all the pain away.

Serene Allison



Dedicated to our baby in Heaven

Baby. . .

I wish you could have stayed,

I miss you growing inside of me.

Baby. . .

I would have loved to have seen your face,

I want to hold you endlessly.

But even though I won’t feel you in my arms

I hold your memory in my heart.


And I’ll sing with the angels

A lullaby of love,

And as you’re soothed by feathered wings

In your cradle high above,

Hear my voice. . . your mother’s lullaby of love.

Baby. . .

If I could only look in your eyes

And you could see mine shine with how much I adore you.

Baby. . .

Were they the color of your daddy’s or mine?

And I know they had a beautiful hue.

I wonder what would have been your name,

But I’m so glad you came. . . for awhile. . .


And I’ll sing with the angels

A lullaby of love,

And as you’re soothed by feathered wings

In your cradle high above

Hear my voice. . . your mother’s lullaby of love.


One thing I know I haven’t lost you,

You’re with your Creator by a celestial stream,

You were made for heaven, darling,

One day I’ll hold you and it won’t be a dream.



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