Psalm 53:5 says, “There they were in great fear, where no fear was.” The margin of my Bible says, “They feared a fear.”

One of Satan’s greatest tactics is to bind us up with fear even when there is no valid reason for the fear. These deceptive fears immobilize you from fulfilling God’s plan for your life. They debilitate you.

Society fills women with deceptive fears. “It would be dangerous to have a baby in my forties!” I beg your pardon. You are in your child-bearing years until you reach menopause.

“I may have a Down syndrome baby.” And you may not, so what are you fearing? And if you did (which can happen to a mother of any age), this child would be your greatest blessing.

“I’ve had two c-sections and my doctor says I can’t have any more.” There are many mothers who have seven and eight c-sections and their womb is still as great as ever.

The “fears of a fear” keep coming. Will you give into them or trust in God?

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