I want to talk more about the image and likeness of God for I believe that this great truth is not seriously considered as a major factor regarding the pros and cons of contraception, sterilization, and abortion. The biblical truth is made abundantly clear in Genesis 1:26-29 and 9:1-7. From these foundational Scriptures it is very obvious that the main purpose for the creation of mankind is for the image and likeness of God to be multiplied in the earth. This truth was declared before any other purpose such as taking dominion over all creation.

The abundant increase of His likeness and image was the primary reason why man was mandated to be fruitful and multiply. The truth is that all mankind is born with this potential--to mirror God’s image and this is indeed possible through the gospel. No other creation has this potential. Bearing this truth in mind we can easily see that mankind is sacred in his calling.

How sad it is when contraception, sterilization, and abortion are discussed that most fail to consider the increase and multiplication of God’s likeness and image in the earth.

Be encouraged. Colin

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