How much do we really fear God when it comes to stopping the godly seed coming forth?

I think of the passage in Exodus 1:17-20 where the Israeli midwives saved the male babies alive because they feared God more than the king of Egypt. Verse 21 says, “The midwives feared God, and did not as the king of Egypt commanded them, but saved their men children alive.”

In all honesty, we 21st century Christians should be hanging our heads with shame. The Israeli midwives acted at great risk to their own lives in order not to offend God. We have to ask ourselves, “Where is our fear of God relating to contraception, sterilization, and abortion?” There are many so-called Christians who support abortion in order to show Christian love or compassion toward the mother of an unwanted pregnancy. Where is the fear of God in that compassion?

These so-called Christian groups do not even have a Pharaoh breathing commands to kill male babies or else risk their own lives. And yet without any fear of God, these Christians side with the spirit o the devilish Pharaoh. How insane can one get when one does not fear God?

But, I can multitudes of Christian saying, “We do not support abortion.” And yet contraception and sterilization accomplish the same ends, by purposefully blocking the godly seed of whom the anti-Christ Pharaoh of spiritual Egypt is still afraid. All contraceptive pills have the potential to abort a baby.

Colin Campbell

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