Exodus 1:12, “But the more they afflicted them, the more they multiplied and grew. And they were grieved because of the children of Israel.”


The first chapter of Exodus tells us about the children of Israel living down in Egypt. Verse 7 says, “And the children of Israel were fruitful, and increased abundantly, and multiplied, and waxed exceeding mighty; and the land was filled with them.” They were fulfilling the first commandment that God gave to man. Something powerful always happens when we obey God’s commandments. They are not ordinary words to be discarded; they are life-giving decrees.


What happened in Egypt? The children of Israel became “more and mightier” than the Egyptians. (v. 9). They became a threat to them. And the Egyptians were grieved. The word grieved is the Hebrew word quts and it means “disgusted, abhorred, horrified, afraid—actually vomiting is the primary understanding of the word.”


This same Hebrew word is used in another passage where the children of Israel became a threat. In Numbers 22:3 it tells us, “Moab was sore afraid of the people, because they were many and Moab was distressed (quts) because of the children of Israel.” Why was Moab so very afraid? Because the Israelites were multiplying! When a people multiply, they become scary. When they multiply, they take dominion.


Now here’s the question. Are we, the people of God, a threat to the enemy in our nation today? Sadly, we have to answer no. For the last seven or eight decades, instead of multiplying, God’s people have been diminishing. They have turned away from the infallible, immutable Word of God and followed their own desires. They have limited their number of children to the worldly 1.6 average. They have sacrificed bringing God’s children into the world on the altar of careerism and modern culture-ism. And now the humanists and socialists are taking over.


There are thousands and millions of precious godly offspring who are not here! God has been deprived of His intentions. The world has been deprived of the godly offspring who fill the nation with His love, righteousness. truth, salvation, wisdom and justice. And of course, although many do not realize it, the parents themselves have been deprived.


But all is not lost. There are a growing number of families who are listening to the heartbeat of God. They are hearing His desire for family and for children. They are turning from their deceptions and opening their hearts to the children that He has destined for them to have, whether it is one or ten! As they obey God’s first commandment something amazing is happening. The liberalists are starting to get scared! They are so horrified, they want to vomit!


Very recently a book was published by a radical feminist and published by Beacon Press, which promotes homosexuality and anti-Christian dogma. She wrote this book to expose Biblical patriarchy and fruitfulmotherhood. In this book she states that the parents who embrace children are “a movement we ignore at our peril.” In a message to Barack Obama, she writes, “Fearless Leader—forget the fundamentalists in Iraq; these prolific Christians are the real bad guys!” In other words, fruitful mothers, embracing the children God wants them to have are dangerous! They are scaring the feminists!


The enemy, who hates life, who comes “to rob, kill and destroy” is scared of the godly seed! Mothers who are not deceived by the delusions of Satan, the robber of life, and who stillbelieve in God’s very first mandate to mankind are dangerous people! Isn’t that exciting? You may think you are insignificant as you care for your children in your home each day, but mother, lift up your eyes! You are doing a powerful work. You are doing God’s work. You are dangerous to the enemy. He is scared of you, because he is scared of the godly seed coming into this world who will hate evil and love righteousness, who will destroy the works of the devil and lift up the name of Jesus. And those who walk in deception and follow the devil’s ways are scared of you too!


Don’t you love being dangerous? Look out! Here we come--holding on to the Word of Life, walking in God’s commandments, embracing the Godly seed and training them to be mighty warriors for God who will impact this world and fill it with His glory. Never forget—the more children a godly mother brings into this world…


The more scared the liberalists will become!

The more evil will be defeated in the land!

The more the kingdom of God will be advanced!

The more the gospel will be spread across the earth!

The more the image of God will be revealed in the earth!

The more the economy will boom in the land!

The more righteousness and morality will pervade the land!

The more righteous leaders will arise in the nation!

The more justice, honesty and truth will flood the land!

The more God will be glorified in the earth!

The more the nation will prosper and be blessed!

The more dangerous she will be!

And the more the statists will fear and tremble!


Keep being dangerous!






“Oh God, please help me to see clearly. Help me to realize the power of motherhood and the power of every child you give me to fulfill your plans in this world. Save me from holding back children whom you have destined to accomplish your mighty works. Amen.”



I am a dangerous woman!


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