Some time ago our middle son went with his friend, canoeing. Michael is 13 and profoundly deaf. The night before he was to go, I was overcome with unexplainable fear. It literally gripped me. I had never experienced anything like it before. At first I feared I was going to loose him, but then realized the attack to be evil. Instead, I prayed and praised the Lord.

The next morning, the fear struck again, so I decided to fast and pray. When Michael returned the next day (he had stayed overnight at his friend’s home) he told me that he and his friend (both deaf) were in one canoe together. Most of the others fell out of their canoes into the very cold water but he and Jesse, neither of whom had been canoeing before, stayed afloat.

“I don’t know why we stayed up,” he said.

“I do!” I replied and told him of the victory in Jesus.

Beckenham, Western Australia

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