Me Instead Of You


There’s one odd fact in life I’ve found –

‘Tis sad but very true –

The faults that lie in each of us

Seem so much worse in you.

If you tell me a thing or two,

You’re heartless as can be,

But when I tell you all your faults,

I’m honest, don’t you see?

When tests and trials come your way

And you feel very low,

"Why be so weak and spineless?"

Is what I’d like to know.

But when it’s me who’s down and out

Somehow it’s not the same’

It’s just that folks don’t treat me right –

I’m really not to blame.

When you set out to tackle

The impossible it seems,

You’re trifling and you’re careless

And full of idle dreams

But when I do the very same,

It’s faith I’m clinging to;

Now isn’t it strange the change it makes

When it’s me instead of you?

Author unknown.


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