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A Secret Friend


This is another lovely idea we used to do with our children when they were growing up. I would put the names of everyone in the family in a bowl or hat. Each one pulls out a name and that person becomes their SECRET FRIEND for the week. They have to something special for that person every day without his or her knowing who is doing it, until they find out at the end of the week.

You can give your children ideas for when they first start, such as:

Write an encouraging or loving note and leave on or under their pillow.

Clean their shoes when not looking.

Put a chocolate or bar in a special place where they know they'll find it.

Make their bed.

Clean their bedroom for them when they are not around.

But, encourage them to use their imagination. Our children were so excited to think up different things to do. I remember one time when our oldest son got his father's name for his secret friend. At that time Colin left very early each morning. One morning we heard noise in the kitchen as our son was up even earlier to cook his father's breakfast and a have cup of tea ready for him before he left for work.

This is a wonderful way to teach the children to care for one another and to think of others instead of themselves. We played SECRET FRIEND so many times.

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